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Good morning, Angels!

We finally got this big notice. What are you waiting, Angel? Download your client HERE and join our RaidCall group now, to play and exp togheter!

Servers will be On-Line for 17:00 EDT (21:00 GMT)! Prepare for that time being at you computer to play BHO with us!

To all members:

To join our vocal chat group you need to register, download RaidCall, install it, login with your account and insert this ID: " [to see our RC ID please visit this thread] " in research bar (top-left), after press enter. You'll find us ;)

Have fun!
Ssrathuss   registered to AngelHounds
AlisGelida M3 Free slots in our in-game Squad "AngelHounds"!

We accept level 30+
Sheep A  registered to AngelHounds
daeha85 A  registered to AngelHounds
AlisGelida MOk, that was a BEAUTIFUL GAMEPLAY - see you today. I hope to reach lvl 30 as soon possible! Thanks guys for your company!
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Don't PaNNiC A+, Godzilla A, Ferrous Aradicen A+, Talka/Teargana A and Shinigami A registered to AngelHounds
AlisElectrica M  created a new thread Space Room in the Off-Topic forum
AngelHounds has reached a new record of 10 registered users today!
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AlisGelida M 
AlisElectrica M  Good ^^
Vanilla A and Shogun A+ registered to AngelHounds
AlisGelida M  published BHO - Clear Sky Reborn Clients : DOWNLOAD OPEN ! on News
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